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Welcome                                   last updated - July 20, 2015


Greetings to all:


We are now at the height of the summer season and Water Pointe I has been busy with summer visitors and summer activities. This has been a particularly busy time with everyone taking advantage of the beautiful weather after the trying winter we all endured.


In this latest edition of the web site, you will find updated financial statements and a more detailed schedule of our street side hallway project starting right after the annual meeting. Please take a look at both of these. Also, we have tried to update owner photos. If you have no photo, or one you would like to see replaced, please contact Kenny Crow about submitting a new photo. 


Our fourth quarter board meeting will be coming up in September. If you have anything you would like to see brought up at this meeting, please feel free to email any board member or use the board link on this web site which will connect you to all of us.


This year, the annual meeting will be held at a new location. Please check the "What's New" section for dates, details and directions. You will be receiving more information by mail in the near future.


On behalf of the board, I wish you all restful summer days as well as summer fun. I hope this includes some time spent at the beach.



Marie Charron, President