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Welcome                      last updated - December 23, 2014


Greetings to all:


At this time of the year we find ourselves giving thanks for all the special people and events in our lives that bring joy to the rest of the year, exchanging tokens of love and friendship with those dear to us, and looking forward to a new year filled with possibilities as personal a new diet or as global as peace and stability in our communities and the world around us. I hope this season has been and continues to be filled with all the traditions you hold dear.


There has been a lot of activity around Water Pointe I since we were all together in October. Makensey and staff have been busy throughout the building with both everyday routines as well as our annual Christmas decorations. The board has also been busy with several projects and looking into several others. Make sure you check out all these items under our What’s New section. Also under this section, you will find homeowner pictures that attest to the good time everyone had over Homeowners Weekend.


Because I was unable to be with you in October, it would like to take this opportunity to say what I would have said at our meeting. I wish to acknowledge with gratitude the many, many years of service of Wayne Wright to the WPI community as our treasurer. Thanks to his foresight and planning, we have accomplished many significant projects of which we can all be proud. On behalf of the entire community, I offer our thanks you to Wayne, for all the hours, years devoted to WPI as both board member and treasurer.


As usual, our first quarter meeting will be coming up in January. If you have anything you would like to see brought up at this meeting, please feel free to email any board member or use the board link on this web site which will connect you to all of us.


Enjoy the rest of this festive season. Try not to over-stress, and remember, we have now passed the shortest day of the year. From here, the days only get longer.


Marie Charron, President